Web site hosting and domain name registration

At Talichi we believe that it is important to provide excellent value for money. Our hosting services does this by providing you with the services that you need… no more and no less.

Our hosting and domain name registration services include :

For performance reasons we choose to host all of our accounts in the US. Why? Let us tell you…

  • Better performance to the rest of Europe. Most European countries have large links to the US whereas quite small between other European countries. So, going to France from Spain is almost always slower than going to France from the US. Remember that speed to your clients is what counts!

  • Just better performance. Because our hosting servers are connected via multiple OC48 circuits (2.5Gbps), performance is superb all of the time, not just most of the time.

  • 99% guaranteed uptime. We realize that most hosting companies can make this promise although not all of them can make the promise that your site is accessible by your clients 99% of the time. Can your hosting provider make promises about their data provider being up? As our servers are linked via multiple data links from multiple carriers you can always be reached by one route or another. Redundancy is very important to keep you moving.

  • Electrical security. All of our servers are protected by UPS in the event of an electrical outage or fluctuation. On top of that, alternative diesel generators are present in the unlikely event of a prolonged outage.

  • Triple data backup. Your data is securely protected by both RAID disk mirroring and digital tape backup which are accessible 24 hours a day.