Domain name registration and delegation

Domain name registration/renewal

Applies to .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, and .us second level domain names

  1 year 20€ (20€/year)   6 years 90€ (15€/year)  
2 years 38€ (19€/year) 7 years 105€ (15€/year)
  3 years 54€ (18€/year)   8 years 120€ (15€/year)  
4 years 68€ (17€/year) 9 years 135€ (15€/year)
  5 years 80€ (16€/year)   10 years 150€ (15€/year)  

Please note that we can only accept a 10 year renewal for domain names that were registered for 10 years to begin with. Otherwise, the maximum renewal period is 9 years. Also, .info and domains have a 2 year minimum registration/renewal period.

For .es second and third level domain names we suggest you deal directly with the Spanish registry organisation, ESNIC. If you wish us to manage the registration/renewal on your behalf we would be happy to do so. Please be aware that .es domain names are no longer regulated.

Domain name delegation

Domain name delegation is required if you wish to use your domain name and not only register it. This places your domain name in our DNS Servers (Domain Name Server) and is free with any domain name registration.