Web site optimisation and search engine posting

Your brand new web site has just been finished, just how you wanted it. It looks great, easy to navigate, does all the things you want it to and you couldn't be happier. So what now? You need to get people looking at it is what. Not only that, you need to get the right people looking at it.

This is where web site optimisations and search engine postings comes in.

Web site optimisation involves modifying your web site so that search engines are better able to match your site with a potential customer's search. Putting it simply, search engines use rule based systems and indexes to not only determine whether your site appears in a search but where it appears and for what search terms it appears. There's a big difference to the number of visitors you will get if you are on the first page of the search results than the twenty first. By doing an optimisation your site will be indexed better by search engines and hence, rank better in searches and be much more likely to be seen by others. An optimisation is one other tool that should be utilised to get you ranked higher than your competitors.

Next is posting your site to the search engines. We are the first to agree, this is easy albeit time consuming. So why don't you just buy one of those tools that does it for you? Simple, every search engine is different, asks different questions and these tools are just not as sophisticated as you are. We post to search engines by hand and hence, everything is completed as it should be… correctly. At Talichi, near enough is not good enough.

Unfortunately a large majority of businesses place too much emphasis and resources into creating web sites as opposed to the marketing of those web sites. Just like traditional advertising the creation of your new advertisement or that new brochure is half the job. You need to get that advertisement published in a newspaper or magazine and you need to distribute that brochure in to prospective clients' hands. There's no point having them on the shelf unseen by anyone. Your web site is exactly the same. As with publishing and distribution, Internet marketing does require effort and cost money so don't forget to factor this into your advertising budget.

Your web site can and should make you money! Lots of it! It just requires the appropriate attention to allow it to do so.